Circus City supporting Pirates of the Carabina


Circus City is co-commissioning Pirates of the Carabina’s new show and supporting them during a week of research and development at Unit 15. We talk to Shaena Brandel Co-Producer & Co-Director of Pirates of the Carabina to find out more.

Introduce yourself!

Pirates of the Carabina (POC) specialise in theatrical, highly technical shows with a very strong live music ethos.POC was born out of a one-off commissioned performance of FLOWN in 2011 headlining Glastonbury Festival Circus Big Top.

Describe what you will be doing the last week of Circus City?

This week will give us the opportunity to play with some new ideas and props as well as some new artists and makers.
We intend to spend as much time playing as possible as we have found that the creative process we used for FLOWN, giving all collaborators an equal voice achieves great results.
We have no idea at all what to expect, but we know from experience that given the luxury of time and space to work away from the pressures of producing a show we invariably find something pretty exciting.

Where did the idea of the show come from?

The constant wish to make new work. We have so many ideas .
So to start with a blank canvas, a big pile of toys and a director {James Williams} who is there collaborating from the start, we’re really excited to see what happens.

Why is this important for Pirates of the Carabina at this stage?

If we had all our creative ideas in one show FLOWN would be 10 hours long! Some of these ideas have been in notebooks and our heads for 20 years. FLOWN will continue to tour and evolve but we don’t want change for its own sake therefore we have to make a new show as these ideas have to come out.

What are you excited about in the festival that’s yet to come?

We have only just got back from Australia- touring FLOWN to the Brisbane Festival. We are really sad to have missed so many things..especially Two legged Animal and L’Enfant Qui, but it is still great to be catching the last week and being part of the Festival.
We would like to see The Hogwallops by Lost in Translation Circus, and Chaos by The Lords of Strut, The Lords of Strut are painfully funny, and its great to see LIT doing so well with The Hogwallops,they are a lovely crew we also love the fact that the show is suitable for everyone, something that is close to POC’s heart- circus should be inclusive.
Twitter: @carabinapirates