Cirque du Sillé (UK)


Sat 21 October - Sun 22 October 9:00 PM SAT 9pm arrival for 9.30 start. SUN 7.30pm arrival for 8pm start

Venue: Faith Space

Announcing our Bristol Cabaret Commission!

Bristol based company Lavrak present an interactive comedy cabaret, subtly referencing and celebrating the Bristol culture.

Cirque Du Sillé is a circus show full of mesmerising tricks and stylish quips, each act bursting with character. The range of skill spans from burlesque to ballet and from aerial to acting.  With a comedian compare who seamlessly seals the show together with his witty commentary, developing a relationship with the audience as he auctions off the performers on ebay. Interact or just react to this fun and flirty phenomenon.

Style, comedy and circus all rolled into one; and so cleverly tied together. I wish I could see it again.’ – Audience member

Performers: Lucinda Zimmer, Emma Catherine, Ollie Jibb, Amy Nicholls, Richard James
Technical: Allie Humphrey
Assistant Producer: Molly Birnie

Company: Lavrak
Director/ Producer: Amy Nicholls

Warnings: Includes subtle nudity.


Tickets: £10

Running time: 70mins approx

Age guide: 16+


    BOX OFFICE 07388848490