Q&A with Lords of Strut


We talk to the Lords of Strut about Chaos coming soon to Tobacco Factory Theatres on 29 – 31 October.

Who are the Strut brothers?

The characters are 2 complete idiots who think they are fantastic celebrities. The audience get to watch their self delusion dreams fall apart and be reborn live on stage.

The show has been described as a motivational, what will people learn?

The guys behind the characters wrote this show from the basis of live entertainment, and that like in life you have to take part to get the most out of it, don’t just sit back and watch.

Chaos promises to reveal the secret to life & happiness, can you give us a hint?

Do the Do, it’s that simple.

What do you enjoy the most about performing the show?

Doing my Whitney Huston number.

Why should the people of Bristol come and see Chaos?

We promise that we will change your life, no moment in your future will ever be the same as any moment before you came to our show.

What has been your single best piece of audience feedback/reaction so far?

Every show and every audience is different, and even though it is corny, they are all special in their own way. Sometimes completely beautiful moments happen, but it’s context, and it would be impossible to re-create with another audience.

Have the Lords of Strut been to Bristol before?

We’ve been to Bristol before, but only for training with the Invisible Circus, and passing through on our way to Glastonbury.

Finally, describe Chaos in 5 words or less…

Semi nude motivational rollercoaster.