What are Chinese Poles?


Chinese poles are vertical poles that artists climb, slide down and hold poses from. The poles are generally between 3 and 9 metres in height and approximately 2 to 3 in diameter. Some poles have a slightly larger pole that rotates around the static central pole using ball bearings. This rotating pole allows a performer to spin on the vertical axis, giving a performer the ability to incorporate rate of spin into what would otherwise be quite static moves.
One of the most famous tricks on the pole is ‘the flag’ where the artist hangs straight out from the pole with his or her hands. This requires a very strong upper body.

Watch some spectacular Chinese Pole performance here

Want to see more?
Chinese Poles are used in the exhilarating show Clockwork by Swedish company Sisters that kicks off the festival in true circus style at Circomedia on Fri 9 & Sat 10 October, 7.30pm

For more information http://www.bristolcircuscity.com/events/

Clockwork by Sisters – Teaser/Trailer from Circus City on Vimeo.