Date(s) - 23/10/2015
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Circomedia joins forces with Circus City to introduce you to some of the most exciting up-and-coming circus performers and creators.

This showcase of short pieces will include a showing of How We Roll by Ecliptic, which was recently commissioned by Glastonbury Theatre and Circus Fields with Bristol City Council.

Full details of the Circus Shorts line-up are below:

Circle Ascent – elements of LIFT

Circle Ascent

‘LIFT’ is about how we can connect to one another as human beings, the invisible threads that lie between us and how this is expressed on stage through our disciplines.
This re-worked excerpt focuses on the Chinese pole and ensemble acrobatic elements of the show. 
It hopes to re-imagine conventional Circus equipment and modes of performance through the development of a symbiotic relationship between Circus and Dance.

Hamish Tjoeng – blush (working title)


If we were to go on a journey together I’d remind you to bring your toothbrush. If you forgot however, you could use mine. After all, we have shared everything else.
A selection of scratch material unearthed while researching a particular kind of love.

Oceane Peillet – You Think So?

She hesitates,
Curiosity and desire arise.
What she wants to do and what she dares to do…
Motion takes her.

Ecliptic – How We Roll


Ecliptic present the premier of ‘How We Roll’, a 5 person combination of acrobatics, manipulation and cyr wheel. Commissioned by Glastonbury Arts Commissions with Bristol City Council and Circus City, Ecliptic performed How We Roll at Glastonbury festival and have since developed it this piece including live music and aerial hoop.