Drawing from circus, stand-up comedy and live art, Laura Murphy’s ‘Contra’ is a solo-cabaret of contradictions. Fierce, witty and uncompromising, it’s a highly physical show that interrogates personal, social and historical occupations of the female body.

À Nos Fantômes (To Our Ghosts) by Company Menteuses melds risk with raw emotion and explores the paralysis and potential of life. It’s a cinematic and sometimes surreal piece of aerial theatre from a bright young Belgian company.

Circus Shorts is a fantastic opportunity to see a night of emerging work by a range of artists working with circus. Look forward to an evening brimming with new ideas, innovative approaches and experimental skills all freshly served up for your enjoyment.

In this first for Bristol, Bromance’s original and outstanding cast examines camaraderie and masculine affection in a touching, exhilarating tour-de-force of physical heroics, where handshakes become handstands and backslaps become backflips.

Expect an intensely rhythmical, playful, visually satisfying and emotive piece of circus that unfolds to an uplifting soundtrack by great British musicians. Outside the Club is the slickly choreographed and thought-provoking first show from Broken Box – a collective of three graduates from the UK’s two circus schools: Circomedia and the National Centre for Circus Arts.

Sanctuaire Sauvage is a live sound performance that uses the body to produce an acoustic universe. It is centred on the state of blindness and is freely inspired by the lives and stories of blind people.

A Different Beast is an acrobatic exploration of the human psyche. It’s packed with twisted techniques and incredible physicality. Using dance, chinese pole, acrobatics and live music, four extraordinarily eccentric characters strive to simply exist in a bleak, decaying world.

Fauna is now sold out on Thursday, October 12th and Friday, October 13th. There are a handful of tickets left for the 14:00 show …