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A photo of a person dressed in a suit jacket, holding a red balloon. They have traditional clown face make up on with their hair tied up. They are looking up at the balloon.

A Spectacle of Herself by Laura Murphy

Join Laura on a mission to serve herself up [in]appropriately for your consumption, in a bold, cinematic, acrobatic odyssey through the frontiers of mental health, queerness, rage & the 21st Century space race.

Directed by Ursula Martinez, with Laura’s critical and cheeky signature mix of autobiography, lip-sync, video and aerial rope, A Spectacle of Herself navigates the personal and political to seek out new worlds and ways to be seen.

Laura Murphy is a genre-defying queer performance maker from Bristol, who makes text-driven and dynamic physical performance about things that she thinks needs to be talked about. Challenging, intimate and spectacular, her work is a cross-disciplinary fusion of theatre, live art, circus and verbal explosion.


Show Info

This performance was part of Circus City 2023 – The Outsider Edition and took place on Fri 6th & Sat 7th October 2023 at The Arnolfini

£16 / £13 + Booking Fee


A Spectacle of Herself is captioned.


‘blistering’★★★★ (Fest)

’a complex new form of solo-theatre’ (Scotsman)

‘Murphy’s ability as a circus performer is mesmerising ★★★★’ (WeeReview)

Image credit: Holly Revell

What we love about A Spectacle of Herself

A Spectacle of Herself is Laura’s brand new work for anyone who has ever felt or been told they are too much. Funny, poignant and political the show touches on autism, queerness and millennial identity and delivers highly skilled aerial performances in the process. Using creative captioning and video we are excited to see this internationally successful local artist making work on a new scale.

Image credit: Paul Blakemore