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A photo of a person who has bent their arm right over their head to their other shoulder, forming a triangle around their face.

Explore Physicality: Acro-dance with Marina Cherry

This workshop is for anyone with a desire to find more mobility in their movements and can be applied to circus disciplines (both floor and aerial) as well as dancers who wish to further their unique styles and gain consciousness of the body. Minimal experience required, all levels welcome.

Some potential themes that we will be exploring:

    • Basics and introduction to soft movements on the ground
    • Basic acrobatics and how to personalise techniques
    • Focus on dimensions: How to move forwards, backwards, sideways in a set space
    • How to use different body parts in a set of basic techniques (eg. Working from the shoulders in contact with the floor//elbows//knees//hips//neck// etc.)


Event info

This event was part of Circus City 2023 and took place on 22nd October 2023

Dance Space, The Island

£45 early bird, £55 full price.


Image credit: Thom Monckton