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A photo of a person standing on stage in a black boiler suit holding a silver container in one hand holding a gold coin shaped object in the other. Their mouth is open as if they might eat the coin.

Iterations by Tom Cassani

Iterations centres on Cassani’s fifteen-year obsession with the skill and precision of sleight of hand. It invites us to think about how we think about the performance of skill, magic and the seemingly impossible…

Through deconstructed sleight of hand and revealing text, Cassani offers us time to reflect and re-interpret. This contemporary exposé of the magician practising explores how impossibilities can emerge through repetition, actions, gestures and self-reflection. You will learn everything it takes, and how hard it really is, to do something impossible so effortlessly.

Show Info

This performance was part of Circus City 2023 – The Outsider Edition and took place on Thu 19th October 2023

£11 / £14 + Booking Fee


This performance will be BSL interpreted – further information will be sent closer to the event.


“a striking and earth-shattering smash-up of showmanship, deception, and unanticipated miracles”

Number 9 on I Promise You That Tonight.

Image Credit: Camille Blake

What we love about Iterations

A clever, interactive show, with hands-on experience of the choreography behind illusions. You’ll see the inside of tricks and enjoy being fooled by them nonetheless.