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Circus City Bristol
A photo of three people sat down on a yellow cusion. They rae wearing full face masks bold white men with glasses. They are playing a variety of electri instruments with wires dangling everywhere. One of the people is holding a parsnip and a leek and hitting a guitar with it.

Noise Juice by MUOVIPUSSI

“Noise Juice” is the first full-length show of the Finnish company Muovipussi.

The show combines music, circus, theatre and surprising illusions. Grandmas, Barbies and growling metalheads melt together in an exciting mix of beauty, skill, comedy, and darkness. Old and outdated beliefs must be thrown overboard to start the journey on the 5G connection straight between heaven and hell, created especially for this occasion. Prepare to be inspired, confused, questioned, vulnerable and ready to laugh.

Is your glass of “Noise Juice” half empty or half full? Whatever your answer might be, Muovipussi will take care of a refill.

This performance was part of Circus City 2023- The Outsider Edition and took place on Thu 19th & Fri 20th October 2023 at Unit 15 Creation Space

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£16 / £13 + Booking Fee

Image Credit: Wilhelm Blomberg

What we like about Noise Juice

Noise Juice has been causing a stir at circus festivals across mainland Europe. Think you’ve seen everything on stage before?! We had to go find out and were not disappointed. Stunning, riotous, queer, punk gig circus that will charm you and blow your socks off.