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Photo of Amelia and Al as their drag alter egos Ophelia and Tito Bone. They are in the middle of... some kind of cleaning activity. Ophelia (Aka Al) is a beautifully round drag thing in a beautifully round, pastel pink dress and matching pink bowl cut wig. They have painted their face white with dramatic Glittery blue eyeshadow, thin black brows, pink cheeks and lips. They look calmly towards the camera with one hand on Tito’s (Amelia’s) shoulder and the other on Tito’s right butt cheek. Tito is a slim, white drag king with buzzed brown hair, blue glitter eyebrows and beard, matching blue shirt and gold trousers. Tito is bending forward at the waist, lovingly pushing their butt into Ophelia’s crotch. Tito’s left hand rests on their thigh and their right holds a large spray bottle of anti-bacterial cleaner which they point towards something off camera. Tito’s facial expression is saying something like “to get clean, you have to get dirty first, AMIRITE?!"