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A photo of a man wearing all black, lying on a white stage. He is holding a stick about the length of his height, straight up in the air. He is looking directly at the camera.

Stickman by Darragh McLoughlin

The man balances the stick on various parts of his body, thereby setting himself and the stick in motion. If the man has an agenda, he keeps it to himself.

The stick gets moved around and balanced by the man seeming to not have much to say.

The T.V. lurks in the background and throughout the performance puts titles on whatever the man and the stick are doing; thus attempting to dictate what the audience sees.

All the while the audience watches and tries to keep up with the ever changing rules of play.

The T.V. titles them ‘WATCHERS’.

“Stickman” is an exploration of our relationships with meaning, empathy and agency.


Show Info

This performance was part of Circus City 2023 – The Outsider Edition and took place on Fri 13th & Sat 14th October 2023 at Circomedia

£11 / £14 + Booking Fee


“Exuding a mastery of his art that left his audience breathless.” on The Whistle.

Image credit: Philippe Deutsch


What we love about Stickman

Funny and clever and without spoken word, Stickman works with familiar human things: text, images and balance. Darragh’s extreme skills in balance create an intense atmosphere cut through only by humour, where small changes in what we see on stage, have massive imapact on what is said. Go if you like playfully poking around in the mechanics of language and humour.