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A photo of a group of participants sat around a table having a discussion.

What next for Circus? The Last Circus Change-Up conference.

The last few years have been difficult for the arts, but circus especially.

The circus sector needs support now more than ever.

How can we work together, to create a joined up ecology of support and advocacy?

How can we convince the funders that a sector support organisation is of value?

Now it is time for the sector to work together to define a way forward.

In this meeting we will share the journey so far, then focus on action, pooling skills and resources towards building a network and a potential funding bid. The day will include networking opportunities and artist, producer and programmer speed dating. Come and be part of shaping a more supported, sustainable and healthier circus sector.

Event info

This event was part of Circus City 2023 and took place on 21st October 2023

Circus City Festival Hub – Top floor The Galleries Shopping Centre, Broadmead

£5 including refreshments



Image credit: Paul Blakemore