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A photo of Laura Murphy's upper torso, they are drinking a can of what appears to be diet coke, the liquid is pouring down their bare torso. There eyes are closed.

Writing from the Body: Devising text and movement with Laura Murphy

Laura Murphy will offer an insight into the making process underpinning their unique performance practice, which connects and combines autobiographical writing with aerial choreography, lip syncing and movement. Laura is internationally recognised for their innovative approach to circus making, aerial choreography and contemporary performance. Their practice centres the politics of the everyday, the importance of having a voice and telling stories to (un) F**k the system!

Starting with the body and autobiographical experience as impetus for writing and devising performance work, this two-part workshop will explore strategies for generating and working with text, devising physical material from text, delving into creative and critical conversations and also giving participants an insight into Laura’s work. Participants will be guided through creative writing exercises and devising skills to generate material, and unlock new directions in their approach to making work.

Day 1: Getting to know you, Laura’s work, writing practices, generating material (writing workshop)

Day 2: Devising from writing (physical devising workshop)

Suitable for professional circus artists and physical practitioners, and advanced students. Prerequisite: aerial artists must be proficient in their discipline and own safety requirements.

Content warning: video material shown in the workshop may contain nudity, swearing and references to sexual violence


Event info

This event was part of Circus City 2023 and took place on 14th & 15th October 2023 at The Arnolfini & The Island Training Space

Early bird £90 or £100 full price for both days, with two subsidised £50 places available on a first come first served basis for anyone who needs it.


Laura Murphy is a genre-defying, award-winning, performance maker from Bristol, who makes text driven and dynamic physical work about things that they think need to be talked about. Internationally recognised for their innovative approach to circus and performance making, Murphy’s work is a cross-disciplinary fusion of theatre, aerial choreography, live art, dance and verbal explosions, which integrates intimacy and spectacle. Proudly queer and neurodivergent, Murphy’s work traverses the personal and the political, connecting the everyday and autobiographical testimony to wider global and social issues. Murphy has collaborated and worked with artists Peaches, Scottee, Ursula Martinez and Terry O’Connor. In 2021, Murphy co-directed Olga Kaleta’s solo Period Drama, along with Nicole A’Court Stuart.

Image Credit: Holly Revell