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Circus City Bristol

Introducing our New Authors Micro-Commissions

We are pleased to introduce our New Author Micro Commission Artists for 2023. Each artist will receive £1500, studio time and producer support over the next month to progress their idea for a new performance piece. They will also have the opportunity to present findings and proposals for further development to a panel of peers, industry and potential partners on 20th October 2023.

The selection panel, made up of representatives from Circus City, Déda, Jacksons Lane, The Lowry and Worthing Theatres, were excited by the potential of each project to create innovative new work.

Hazel Lam

Hazel Lam is a multi-disciplinary artist with an immense interest in collaborative work. Trained in dance (Manchester), contemporary circus (Sheffield, Turin and London) and music (Hong Kong), Hazel creates visually and conceptually compelling performances in theatre, film and outdoor work with artists employing different media

In the Name of Electra (working title) is Hazel’s second full-length solo, characterised by her signature melancholic eccentricity. After losing multiple things that anchored her identity, she made the decision to break free from her cocoon and actively seek meaning in her loss. Through the ups and downs of rebuilding herself, she discovered new friends – objects that attempted to communicate with her. With this newfound language, her relationship with her surroundings gradually transformed – from furniture to picture frames to crockery…

Helena & Arielle

We are Helena and Arielle. A juggler and an acrobat who met for the first time in 2021 on a show we got to perform and tour in the UK. It was our first time collaborating, and we quickly discovered a mutual passion for devising and a desire to create our own work in circus-theatre.

Our connection grew from our shared experiences with our sisters and how they shaped us. The concept kept on building and led to us wanting to explore the dynamics of sisterhood through physical theatre, juggling, and partner acrobatics. We want to celebrate sisterhood and showcase both the challenges and the joy it brings. By exploring these themes, we hope to inspire viewers to reflect on their own relationships and appreciate the beauty and complexity of the connections we share with our sisters, whether they’re biological or chosen.

Farrell Cox

Physical performer, aerialist and theatremaker creates work inspired by lived experiences.

“Cocoon,” a daring aerial theatre piece that intricately weaves black salon culture with the complexities of disability, celebrating resilience and unapologetic joy. Stories interweaved like braids which navigate the balance between community, care and healthcare to the sound of noughties bangers!

‘I’m excited to develop and share this project not only to amplify marginalised voices; but to empower others to advocate for their health, bask in the radiance of black joy, and boldly honour their bodies.’

The New Authors 2023 micro commission is a co-commission led by Handstand Arts in partnership with Circus City, Déda, Jacksons Lane, The Lowry and Worthing Theatres.