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Looking back on Circus City 2023

“I’d recommend it to anyone. Theatre that overcomes language and borders. Wherever and whoever you are, you will find awe, joy and curiosity here” Audience Feedback – Sawdust Symphony

It’s been one month since the end of Circus City the Outsider Edition! We are looking back through the lens of this gorgeous round-up video made in collaboration with exceptional up and coming film makers from Screenology creative college.

Thanks again to all the artists, venues, audiences and team that made this years festival. Our team are incredibly proud of the quality of this vibrant and ground-breaking international programme. We are going forward into winter and the next year of planning, lifted by the touching audience responses, conversations, ideas and learning shared and collaborations started. We can’t wait to do it all again ❤️

This years festival took place 1st -22nd October 2023 and featured the following incredible artists and companies:

Andrea Salustri 

Arielle Lauzon 

Barney White 

Ben Cornish

Can’t Sit Still

Charles Brockbank

Darragh McLoughlin

Farrell Cox

Gabrielle Cook

Hazel Lam

Helena Berry 

Jake England-Johns

Jennifer Hebden

Laura Murphy 

Livia Kojo Alour 


Marina Cherry 

Mariona Vazquez


Ockham’s Razor 

Poppy Emer Greenford

Ruby Burgess

Sawdust Symphony 

Tit for Tat

Tom Cassani 

Whispering Wood Folk 

Lead image: A standing ovation at Sawdust Symphony, photographed by Paul Blakemore