À Nos Fantômes (To Our Ghosts) by Company Menteuses

Event dates: October 25, 2019 October 26, 2019

Event times: 19:00

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Venue: Circomedia

Duration: 60 mins

Price: £15/ £12

Frame from A Nos Fantomes - To Our Ghosts

Gloria is afraid her fantasies will disappear and that she might fall short of her own expectations. She’s afraid to choose in case she loses. Gloria is lonely, cowardly and scared of life…yet hides a slightly megalomaniac streak.

Gloria used to dream of being a figure-skating champion or a Swedish singer but now she hangs in midair, looking uncomfortably overdressed, waiting for life to happen to her.

Thud! A young woman lands on the ground after a dramatic, free-fall entrance. The resemblance to Gloria is uncanny. Could it be…another version of her?

À Nos Fantômes (To Our Ghosts) melds risk with raw emotion and explores the paralysis and potential of life. It’s a cinematic and sometimes surreal piece of aerial theatre from a bright young Belgian company.

‘Between dream and reality, absurd and anguish – a remarkable show’ (Léna Martinelli, Critic, Les Trois Coups)

Age: 6+

Image courtesy Nele Deflandre.

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Performed by: Company Menteuses