Circus City Cinema

Event dates: October 20, 2015

A series of films that put circus centre stage.

First out at the Cube Microplex, on the opening night of the festival is Naomi Smyth’s 2011 feature-length documentary, Invisible Circus: No Dress Rehearsal. The Invisible’s motto: “If it’s not impossible, we’re not interested” takes them to the edge of exhaustion. Brave artists weighing the balance of love and money in their lives and work, while unafraid to shovel shit and put in the hard graft.
‘No Dress Rehearsal’ runs for 100mins and is followed by a discussion with Director Naomi Smyth.
8pm at The Cube Microplex on the 8th of October. Tickets £5 – can be bought on the door in cash or through Circomedia in advance.

Circus City also teams up with 20th Century Flicks on the Christmas Steps to show some absolute classics of circus on screen. 20th Century Flicks is one of Bristol’s hidden gems, with it’s tiny cinema at the back of the video rental shop. Exactly what films will be on show are a surprise and you will be able to find out through word of mouth as well as if you pop into 20th Century Flicks nearer the time, but one thing is for sure – that if you love film and you love circus, it will be your cup of tea!

2.30pm and 7.30pm on the 13th of October
– £5 cash on the door only


From 2.30pm until 7pm on the 20th of October

We will be screening the collection of short films called Circus Girls by Umut Gunduz originally produced for Channel 4.
Circus Girls is a series of protraits looking intimately at women behind the many varied performances females encompass today. A total of 6x3min films, let them take you through the world of Contortion, Juggling, Straps, Aerial Hoop and Cloud Swing.
Turn up any time between 2.30 and 7 and the films will be rolling, catch one or all of them. The screening is free, though we will ask for a donation on the door.


Meet the ring master of this invisible circus Doug Francis as he leads Bristol’s anarchist circus from margins to mainstream with the motto:
‘If it’s not impossible, we’re not interested’.
The film’s 3 year span takes them from chaotic squat crew to licensed building managers with huge show budgets – via rotting garages, crumbling cathedrals and a takeover of Bristol’s ex-police HQ. Doug collaborates with developers to use derelict space for circus spectacles and working arts spaces. Relationships in the close team reveal the gain and the pain of success, but they’re still working for free. Profit or loss?