Cliff Jumping for Beginners

Event dates: October 13, 2017 October 14, 2017 October 15, 2017

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Venue: The Wardrobe Theatre

Risk; what does it mean to you? How does it show up in your life? Are you a daredevil cliff jumper, a reckless romantic, a sensible risk-measurer or a quivering wreck? How does your relationship with risk effect your life?

As part of Circus City, the fools of Beyond The Ridiculous are exploring the theme of risk in a three night mini-festival of fooling called Cliff jumping For Beginners.

Beyond The Ridiculous perform Fooling, a solo improvisation form, where the performers use their own real life stories, feelings and thoughts as source material to connect with audiences. Their practice is rooted in mindfulness; enabling them to expertly split their attention between their own internal experience and the atmosphere in the room, allowing both to inform their every choice. This mindful technique creates a wonderful authentic, brave and incredibly connected quality of improvisation. 

“Violently hilarious, insightful, meandering journey through the funniest, lightest, darkest corners of the deranged comedic mind.”

“A lot of joy. Amazing, REAL engaging theatre. We’re talking about what theatre sets out to do. The origins of theatre. Untranslated, original theatre.”

Beyond The Ridiculous is a collective of individual theatre makers, teachers, directors and performers who regularly train fooling together with facilitator/drama therapist Holly Stoppit.