L’Enfant Qui..

Event dates: October 18, 2015 October 19, 2015

A blending of live music with acrobatics and puppetry that creates a child’s sensitive, poetic view of the world. Presented in-the-round for two days only.

Born in France about 70 years ago, the artist Jephan de Villiers was an ill child who spent most of the time alone in his bedroom. Frequently suffering from high fevers and strange delusions, he was given severe treatments by doctors from a young age. When he was fourteen, Jephan made his own way into the adults’ world by creating an artistic universe born from solitary walks in the woods, picking up nearly dead things (leaves, wooden sticks, mushrooms…) in order to give them a new chance.

“…has the feel—like Villiers’s sculptures—of being both organic and beautifully strange. And the acrobatics of cellist Florence Sauveur playing Bach’s ‘Cello Suite No. 1’ will stay in my mind for a very long time to come.” Read the whole review from Festmag here

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With thanks to Crying Out Loud.