LP (Long Play) by OLGA_cirqAnalogique

Event dates: October 14, 2021 October 15, 2021

Event times: 20:30

Venue: Unit 15

Duration: 45 Mins

Price: £10/ £8

Running Time: 1 Hour

Age: 10+ – contains partial female nudity


On the eve of the apocalypse, Long Play is a cry of resistance that pays tribute to the generation of the new millennium.

Bodies flicker in feats of aerial acrobatics and object manipulation, straining under tricks of light and sound that conjure a visual and acoustic underworld.

This millennial temple, echoing with political speeches, cellphones, pop icons, wires, software and a bearded figure in high-heeled shoes, conjures a space for the celebration of error and human fragility. An escape hatch through which our dreams and fears can pass.

Following a 2 week residency at Unit 15, OLGA_cirqAnalogique will share this work in progress.


Catalina Aguayo: trapeze artist and project manager
Alejandro Dutra: juggler, musician and project manager
External eye: Marlène Rostaing
Costume designer: Clara Aguayo
Administration: Les Thérèses
Music by Olga

Shortlisted for Circusnext in 2020-2021. Presented in the UK in association with Circus Futures.

Project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union / Beneficiary of the aid to creation found of the cross-border cooperation projet Travesía, co-financed by the ERDF. With the support of La Grainerie, La Central del Circ and Ax Animation.


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Image Credit – Clara Pedrol

Performed by: OLGA_cirqAnalogique (UY)