Period Drama by Olga Kaleta

Event dates: October 2, 2021 October 3, 2021

Event times: 16:30 14:00

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Venue: The Station

Duration: 1 Hour

Price: £10/£8

Running Time: 1 Hour

Age: 16+ Frank discussion of sexuality and mental health,  strong language

World Premiere


Olga is waiting to transform into a real person. Levels of achievement depend on the day but she’s yet to get on the property ladder, complete a phd, write a novel or fix the toilet seat. Still, most days she’s just relieved she hasn’t died as a result of a horrific and unprecedented coincidence. Or fallen out of the sky.


Period Drama is a show about the rollercoaster of going nowhere. Combining autobiography, anxiety disorder, aerial rope and physical comedy, this absurd, beautiful and honest show challenges ideas of who we are and what we are meant to become.


A British Sign Language integrated performance, with interpretation by Sherrie Eugene-Hart.

Period Drama is a Handstand Arts commission for Circus City’s Respond Programme and has been created with support from Arts Council England and those who play the national lottery.


Written by Olga Kaleta

Performed by Olga Kaleta and Sherrie Eugene-Hart 

Directed by Laura Murphy with Nicole A’Court-Stuart 


Creative Producer: Nicole A’Court-Stuart 

Visual Artist: Susie Olczak 

BSL interpretation: Sherrie Eugene- Hart 

BSL creative consultant: DL Williams 

Special Thanks to: Bianca Bertalot Farr, Ashley John Long and Paul Evans


Image Credit – Daniel Barnett



Performed by: Olga Kaleta