Squeezy Green’s Compendium of Games

Event dates: October 29, 2017

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Venue: The Wardrobe Theatre

Squeezy Green's Compendium of Games

Wardrobe Theatre regulars, Squeezy Green and Finney Haddock present this unique two-show special of circus themed games, so come test your skills, take a chance and enjoy being ridiculous.

The hosts will take you through a series of games and challenges. Play from the safety of your seat or take the opportunity to go head to head against another challenger.

Squeezy has run plenty of game shows before but now they are throwing circus skills into the mix, so prepare for the unexpected!

This will be a somersaulting big top of an afternoon, with games you wouldn’t necessarily be allowed to play at home. So roll up, roll up: thrills, spills and more fun than you could pack into a popcorn stand.

Created and performed by Gwendolyn Scott and Megan Brooks this special edition of Squeezy Green’s will feature mystery guest local circus legends.