Event dates: October 30, 2015 October 31, 2015

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Venue: Circomedia

UK premiere.

Women, sex and circus. Absurd, insane and magnificent; three women throw themselves at female stereotypes – building them up and tearing them apart.

What is a strong woman and what makes her break?

With two ropes, contortion and a swinging trapeze; between the elegant and the hysterical, the brutal and the self-controlled, Tanter bring a full-on hour of fanatically female soul flashing explosion.

This new company worked with renowned French-Canadian choreographer Angela Laurier and instructor, Anika Barkan to devise the piece. TANTER started working together after graduating from DOCH, CNAC and working in kitchens in Copenhagen.

Performed by: Tanter (Karoline Aamås, Moa Asklof Prescott and Elise Reine)
Director: Anika Barkan
Music/composition: Mika Forsling