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Circus City Bristol

Showshare’s experimental VR Circus Meeting

Handstand Arts are holding what we believe is the Circus world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) meeting!

You are invited to create yourself an avatar and meet us to learn more about the wider Showshare project, the research we have done and the artists involved. 

We have selected a platform called Engage (pictured above) because it is surprisingly easy to use, free to download and works well across devices (except Apple). You can view a live meeting with your Android phone, interact with a tablet or PC and with a VR headset.

This will be an experimental VR session to explore future possibilities. It is very likely to include technical issues and random happenings!

We will meet on Thursday 3rd September at 3pm BST


Spaces are currently limited to 30 users. Please read the notes below, download the software then register your interest by emailing so we can share an invitation.

We look forward to seeing you there!

In order to attend the VR session you will need:

  • Either an up-to-date Android phone, PC or VR headset (annoyingly Apple isn’t supported by most VR worlds yet). 
  • Enough storage on your device to download the software – 8GB for PC, 4GB for phone
  • Wifi to download and run the platform – at least 4 Mbps of internet upload and 8 Mbps download to function. 
  • Some time and patience to set it all up and get to know how it works – use the online tutorials on the web site.  If you can get into a room, sit down, clap and teleport then you’re winning! We would appreciate it if you come to the meeting already knowing how the software works.