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Circus City Bristol

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We are excited to announce that we have been selected as a Finalist for this year’s Bristol Life Awards for best event for Circus

“I’d recommend it to anyone. Theatre that overcomes language and borders. Wherever and whoever you are, you will find awe, joy and curiosity here”

Circus City: The Outsider Edition Gallery

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This workshop is for anyone with a desire to find more mobility in their movements and can be applied to circus disciplines (both floor

The last few years have been difficult for the arts, but circus especially. The circus sector needs support now more than ever. How can

What does the sports world think about circus? What’s the relationship between circus and play? What can the sports and play worlds learn from

Workshop with David Eisele, Kolja Huneck and Michael Zandl from Sawdust Symphony‘ Giving everyday objects a new life: In this workshop, we will work

Laura Murphy will offer an insight into the making process underpinning their unique performance practice, which connects and combines autobiographical writing with aerial choreography,

This workshop is a guide on movement as a tool for intentional creativity. The focus is on practical mobility: working on points of contact