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This workshop is for anyone with a desire to find more mobility in their movements and can be applied to circus disciplines (both floor

The last few years have been difficult for the arts, but circus especially. The circus sector needs support now more than ever. How can

What does the sports world think about circus? What’s the relationship between circus and play? What can the sports and play worlds learn from

Workshop with David Eisele, Kolja Huneck and Michael Zandl from Sawdust Symphony‘ Giving everyday objects a new life: In this workshop, we will work

Laura Murphy will offer an insight into the making process underpinning their unique performance practice, which connects and combines autobiographical writing with aerial choreography,

This workshop is a guide on movement as a tool for intentional creativity. The focus is on practical mobility: working on points of contact

Oh No, George! is the delightfully playful tale of a dog who wants to be good but just can’t resist temptation. Adapted from the

Join Laura on a mission to serve herself up [in]appropriately for your consumption, in a bold, cinematic, acrobatic odyssey through the frontiers of mental

An opportunity to catch some of the best up and coming South West based circus artists as they share new ideas and work in

A night of fresh alternative comedy mixed with circus theatre. Two new experimental shows, from Bristol-based emerging artists, bringing you something you’ve never seen

“Hello? Is somebody there?” Ash is a circus artist living a quiet and content life in Valencia, when one day a mundane encounter triggers

Let your heart soar amongst the mighty cathedral of the forest, with an evening of breathtaking aerial dance and euphoric choral performance from Whispering

Tess is a groundbreaking adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s classic novel Tess of the D’Urbervilles. An ensemble of performers weave together Hardy’s words and the

The man balances the stick on various parts of his body, thereby setting himself and the stick in motion. If the man has an

Craftsmanship confronting circus. In Sawdust Symphony Michael Zandl, David Eisele and Kolja Huneck combine their passion for crafting, fresh wood and object manipulation. Sawdust

Lanky loidlings. Squishy Schloompings. Spiky Spa-doo-dlings. Marina Cherry squeaks, zooms, and tiptoes through a micro-space. Fragmenting pieces of a spunky personal universe puddle over

“Noise Juice” is the first full-length show of the Finnish company Muovipussi. The show combines music, circus, theatre and surprising illusions. Grandmas, Barbies and

We use it every day without a second thought, the most common form of plastic – polystyrene. In this remarkable piece of visual theatre,

Save the books! A joyful, hilarious adventure for all the family. Four bedraggled book enthusiasts are travelling from town to town – forced between

A Show of Hands is a short intimate solo show investigating Cassani’s relationship with his hands and the thinking that happens with and through

Come join Quiplash for an intro session on integrated audio description for circus and movement. Be prepared to move, play, explore and (of course)

Book a slot to come and have an informal 25 minute chat with a circus city producer. Be you an artist or producer yourself,

Join us for pitches and presentations of work in progress from our three New Authors micro commissioned artists and companies. With three 30 minute

Iterations centres on Cassani’s fifteen-year obsession with the skill and precision of sleight of hand. It invites us to think about how we think

Fusing physical theatre, spoken word and song Black Sheep is the story of a queer Black woman finding love, after retiring from her full-time job as sword swallower.

To launch Circus City 2023, Ockham’s Razor perform their new free outdoor show PUBLIC at The Podium in Broadmead, Saturday 29 July.

Running Time: 45 Mins Age: 7+   Thursday 30th September = SOLD OUT   Ves-tigios is a journey through a dystopian wasteland that fuses